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Cucinare Italy - Paccheri with pesto celery and squid

Paccheri with pesto celery and squid

Medium difficulty – Ready in 40 min.
Ingredients for 6 people
For pasta: 480 g of paccheri | A bay leaf | Salt | A spoonful of juice of orange
For the pesto: 400 g of leaves of celery | 100 g of new spinach | 150 g of peeled pistachios | A spoonful of parmesan grated | 60 g of almonds | The juice of an orange | 150 ml of oil extra virgin olive oil | Salt to taste
For the dressing: 400 g of baby squid little ones | Salt to taste | 2 spoons of oil extra virgin olive oil

1. We use an immersion mixer for blending almonds and pistachios with oil and orange juice. The latter will ensure that the pesto does not oxidize. We puree.

2. Add the le to our mix spinach and celery leaves. So we combine the grain and a pinch of salt. We whisk until we get a compact cream and we put aside.

3. To realize if the mollusks they are fresh, let’s make sure that the eyes are clear and brilliant. Then we detach the tentacles from the body of the squid with one decisive tear.

4. We put two fingers into the bag and we remove the entrails. Always inside, we will find the characteristic transparent cartilage, we grab and we also eliminate this.

5. The squid bag is lined from a thin skin. abolish it completely, rubbing it with your fingertips under the water current. Then rinse well.

6. We place the bag on a cutting board, let’s open it and spread it out. With a sharp knife, cut it in strips of one centimeter.

7. Transfer the fish into a pan, first without seasoning. As soon as it starts to sizzle, becoming golden, we add oil and salt.

8. We cook the squid with the lid for about a minute. In the end, remove them from the flame and put aside a spoonful.

9. Less the paccheri with one bay leaf and a spray of orange juice. Drain them and pass them in a pan with the fish, away from fire. Whisk with the pesto of step two and the fish that we put aside.

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