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Panettone with bunet cream

Difficulty: Low – Preparation: 20 min. + rest
Serves 6-8
A classic panettone | A L of milk | 6 whole eggs | 400 g of macaroons | 400 g of granulated sugar | 120 g bitter cocoa + to taste. | 80 g of flour | 2 cups of coffee | Powdered sugar

1. While we bring to a boil the milk with the macaroons, we whip eggs with sugar, then we incorporate the coffee, the flour and cocoa.

2. When the milk boils, pour the mixture into the milk, stirring, and we cook until give the whole the consistency of one cream. We turn off the heat and, one tepid time, let’s make it firm in the fridge.

3. We slice the panettone horizontally, as if it were a cake, so that you get 4 sections. Between one and the other we spread generous layers of cream e let’s put the cake back together.

4. We cover the surface of the panettone with a sprinkling of cocoa and with a star shape we create some icing sugar decorations.

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