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Cucinare Italy - pappardelle with parmesan and asparagus

Pappardelle with parmesan and asparagus

Difficulty Low – Preparation 30 minutes – Cooking 15 minutes
Serves 4
300 g of green asparagus | 150 g of flour 0 | 150 g of wheat flour hard | 100 g of parmesan
grated | 100 g of flakes 100 g of bacon or bacon | 50 g of butter |4 eggs | Half onion | Oil and black pepper, to taste.

1. Set the mix of flours and let’s put it in a fountain on one pastry board. In the middle we put the grated parmesan, which serves to make the pappardelle savory, and three or four eggs, depending on
how dry the flour is.

2. We work the dough for a quarter of an hour, until we get a smooth and firm dough. We divide the dough into more loaves small and pull it with the car for pasta. Let’s get it not too thin sheets.

3. Let’s dry the pasta, covered with a clean cloth, for 20 minutes. Then let’s cut it with more or less wide tapes with the cutter wheel and throw it in a pot full of water already brought to a boil.

4. For the seasoning, we do heat a drop of oil in a fairly non-stick pan wide. In the meantime, let’s slice the bacon (or bacon) a chunks, then let’s brown it alone for a minute or two about.

5. We slice the asparagus tips (we will only use those) a clarinet beak (i.e. cut in oblique) and throw them directly in the pan, adding even two or three ladles of water cooking pasta. It is good that the vegetables are cooked, remaining but al dente.

6. After a few minutes of cooking, let’s add some grated onion, a pinch of freshly ground black pepper and a knob of butter. We leave the pan on the merry flame, until the sauce reaches the desired density.

7. Let the pasta and let’s do it stir in the pan with the seasoning. Let’s complete the recipe with a generous rain flakes.

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