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Pizza margherita

Easy difficulty – Preparation 20 minutes – Cooking 8 minutes – Proving time 8 hours
Ingredients for 4 people
For the dough: 800 g of 00 flour | 27 g of sea salt | 2.5 g of fresh brewer’s yeast | ½ L of water
For the dressing: 400 g of mixed buffalo mozzarella (with at least 30% buffalo milk) | 450 g of Roma peeled tomatoes (or San Marzano Dop) | 30 g of butter | Curly leaf basil to taste | Italian extra virgin olive oil to taste | Salt to taste
What we need: Bowls, ladle, cling film, round trays, pastry board

1. Dissolve the yeast in a bowl with water. In another bowl, we put a part of the flour with another bit of water and add the dissolved yeast. We continue to incorporate the flour, stirring constantly, and once we get halfway through, we add the salt, dissolved in water. We continue to incorporate the flour.

2. When the mixture tends to detach from the bowl, take it out and work it on the surface for a few minutes. Transfer it to a large bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let it rise for an hour. After this time, we resume the dough and, with a knife, divide it into two sausages.

3. Do these sausages, we remove with the hands of the dough (they must weigh about 240 grams each). We quickly work the loaves obtained, trying to give them the shape of a ball and let them rise for a further 7 hours, in a covered container, sheltered from temperature changes. After the levitation time, we roll out each loaf, proceeding from the center to the edges, avoiding touching the cornice.

4. Pour the tomatoes into a bowl and squeeze them slowly with your hands, then add the salt and mix carefully. We cut the fiordilatte first into slices and then into strips of about 2 centimeters, then we dab the excess milk with a cloth.

5. We then take the tomato and pour it on the pizza. Sprinkle with a little extra virgin olive oil and bake for about 5 minutes at 250 ° C (the time may vary depending on the oven). We then remove the pizza from the oven, add the curly leaf basil, the strips of fiordilatte, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and bake for a further 3 minutes.

To preserve the pasta
Before putting the ingredients on the surface of the pizza, it is a good rule to create a light “glaze” with the tomato sauce, which will preserve the bottom of the pizza: in this way, we will avoid exposing the pasta to direct heat from the oven.

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