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Cucinare Italy - swordfish with eggplant

Swordfish with eggplant

Difficulty: Low Preparation: 20 min – Cooking: 20 min
Serves 4
2 slices of swordfish about a couple tall of centimeters | 2 small eggplants
long | Basil to taste | Flour to taste | A clove of garlic | Extra virgin olive oil
olive oil to taste | Salt and Pepper to taste.

1. We wash the aubergines and peel them. If we love the strong flavor, we leave a part of the peel. We cut thick diced aubergines a couple of centimeters, sprinkle them of coarse salt and leave them to purge for an hour inside a colander (this operation can be avoided if we appreciate the bitter taste

2. After the time we wash thoroughly the cubes under water current, squeeze and wash them of new. We take a pan, pour abundant extra virgin olive oil of olive and let it warm up well medium flame.

3. We add the aubergines and let’s do them cook until they become golden on the outside and soft on the inside. Drain them and fix them on a tray covered with paper absorbent, so as to eliminate excess oil.

4. Peel the slices of swordfish and we eliminate the central bone. Then cut the slices into thick cubes about two centimeters. We put flour in a plastic bag, add the pieces of fish, let’s close it and shake it so
to flour them homogeneously.

5. We empty the contents of the bag in a tightly woven strainer or in a sieve and shake it so to eliminate the excess flour. We pour a couple of spoons of oil extra virgin olive oil in a pan non-stick and add the clove garlic. Let’s put it on medium heat and let’s warm up.

6. When the oil becomes hot, we remove garlic, we add floured fish cubes and cook them shaking the pan so that fish cooks quickly on everyone the sides. As soon as the swordfish is almost ready (it takes about five minutes), add the aubergines, go up, pepper and cook for a couple of minutes. Let’s join the
basil and serve.

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