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Cucinare Italy - Quinoa with fresh vegetables

Quinoa with fresh vegetables

Low difficulty Preparation 30 min. Cooking 90 min.
Ingredients for 4 people
150 g of quinoa | A red onion | 10 cherry tomatoes | Basil to taste | Extra virgin olive oil | White wine vinegar | Salt to taste

1. We wash quinoa very carefully: it is a very important operation because it is coated with saponin, a substance that the plant use to defend against birds and which gives it a bitter aroma. Just wash it long, until the water becomes perfectly transparent. Below, let’s leave it drain well.

2. Let’s put the quinoa in one saucepan and cover it flush with water. Let’s take a little one saucepan and let’s pour some water, to boil it and add it if necessary.

3. Place the saucepan with the quinoa on medium-low heat and bring to a boil. We cook always keeping covered of water (in case we add that of the saucepan). We leave so for about a quarter of an hour or until they come from quinoa out of a kind of tiny white tails.

4. We turn off the flame and cover, so that it absorbs all the water. Once you reach it the ambient temperature, let’s find out, go up and season with a little extra virgin olive oil.

5. In the meantime, we peel the onion, cut it into cubes small and let’s taste one. If the flavor is strong, let’s dip them in a few seconds in boiling water salty and slightly acidulated with a little white wine vinegar. In this way the onion will soften very very much. It is important to immerse it only for a few seconds.

6. We wash the cherry tomatoes and cut them in four. We chop basiland add it with onion and cherry tomatoes, quinoa. We mix well and eventually we adjust salt and oil. We put in the refrigerator for at least a couple of hours and serve chilled.

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