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Sea Salad

Medium difficulty – Ready in 60 min.
Serves 4
A kg of mussels | 500 g octopus (already cleaned) | 250g squid (already cleaned) | 250 g cuttlefish (already cleaned) | 250 g between red prawns and shelled prawns | 2 carrots | 2 stalks of celery | Salt and pepper | Extra virgin olive oil | Anchovies in oil | Grated Parmesan | 2 slices of diced homemade bread | 125 g of chard | Borage flowers | 12 cherry tomatoes

1. We heat two pots of saltwater. In each, we boil a celery stick and a carrot.

2. We open the mussels in a drop of extra virgin olive oil in a pan with a lid. Let’s keep the sauce aside.

3. Curl the octopus tentacles: holding it by the head, briefly dip it three times in one of the two pots of salted and perfumed water. Then let’s immerse it definitively and cook it for half an hour.

4. Cut the bag and the tentacles of the squid into rounds and pieces. We do the same with the cuttlefish and peel shrimp and prawns. With the strainer, dip each fish into the other pot separately, depending on the type, from 15 to 30 seconds.

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