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Tajarin with truffles

Difficulty: Medium – Preparation: 25 min. + rest
Serves 6-8

300 g of flour 0 | 300 g of re-milled semolina | 12 yolks | 50 g of white truffle of Alba | 100 g of butter | salt

1. We knead the flours and the yolks until obtaining a homogeneous mixture and silky. We form a ball, let’s wrap it up in the film e let it rest for an hour in a cool place.

2. We roll out the dough thinly, we cut out of wide rectangles 15-20 cm, let’s arrange them on the pastry board floured and leave them dry about 15 minutes.

3. Let’s roll them up and let’s slice them each 2-3 mm, we sprinkle the flour tajarin e untangle them with your fingers.

4. Let’s dive them into the water hot and salty. While they cook, we melt the butter in cooking pan. After a couple of minutes we drain the pasta, let’s transfer it to pan and toss it.

5. We spatialize and we complete the dishes with truffle flakes.

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