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Cucinare Italy - Turbot fish with crazy water

Turbot fish with crazy water

Difficulty: Medium Preparation: 20 min – Cooking: 35 min
Serves 4
A rumble of about 1.5 kg | A carrot | A stalk of celery | A spring onion | Parsley to taste | 150 g of pulp of tomato | Extra virgin olive oil of olive | Salt

1. Eviscerate the rumble, wash it under running water and let’s put it in a pan that holds it comfortably.

2. We peel the carrots, we clean the spring onion by removing the outer leaves, we eliminate i filaments from the celery stick. We chop all the vegetables coarsely.

3. We add the pulp of chopped tomato with vegetables and distribute evenly on the rumble. We climb
slightly and spray with oil.

4. We add a lot of water how much it takes to cover the rumble. We put a lid on the pan e cook over a flame moderate, for 30 minutes about.

5. We sprinkle with a finely chopped parsley end of cooking.

6. We serve the hot turbot sprinkling with a drizzle of oil raw extra virgin olive oil.

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