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Cucinare Italy - turkey morsels with spring onions and sage

Turkey morsels with spring onions and sage

Difficulty: Medium Preparation: 10 min – Cooking: 35 min
Serves 4
600 g of breast cut turkey cubes | 600 g of spring onions | Flour to taste | Sage to taste | 2 bay leaves | Wine vinegar white to taste | Extra virgin olive oil of olive | Salt

1. Flour the cubes of turkey, taking care of remove excess flour.

2. We clean the onions, removing the external film. Scald them, for 2 minutes, in salted boiling water
perfumed with laurel.

3. Drain the onions and transfer them to a pan with four spoons of oil. Let’s flavor them for 3-4 minutes, over a flame moderate.

4. We combine the stew of floured turkey, let’s go up and perfume with the Sage leaves. We cook
on low heat, for 20 minutes, adding a little bit of boiling water if it should dry too much.

5. We add the vinegar and leave it evaporate. We cook still for 10 minutes.

6. We bring to the table well hot.

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