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Cucinare Italy - vegetarian caponata

Vegetarian caponata

Difficulty: Low Preparation: 20 min – Cooking: 40 min
Serves 6
A kg of eggplants long (firm and shiny) | 100 g of celery | 200 g of green olives | 30 g of capers underneath salt| A red onion | 100 g of sauce of tomato | 50 g of vinegar | A spoon
of sugar | Extra virgin olive oil of olive | Coarse salt to taste | Pepper to taste

1. We wash and dry thoroughly the eggplants. Without peel them, cut them into cubes a couple of centimeters per side.

2. If we don’t like theirs bitter aftertaste, salt them with coarse salt and let’s put them in a colander with a weight above. Let them drain for an hour, then rinse them abundantly, to eliminate salt and squeeze them.

3. We wash the celery and deprive it of any filaments.

4. Bring one to a boil pot full of water, on lively flame. Let’s go up and read it celery for three minutes, in so that it is blanched but keep a consistency fully Crisp. Drain it and let’s cut it into cubes.

5. We pour plenty of oil olive in a large pan and fry the eggplants, having care not to exceed with the quantity of aubergines in a pan: if they are massed, the temperature oil will drop and the aubergines will soak. To avoid the problem, better fry in two or three times.

6. Mince the onion and let’s do it wither in another pan, with a drizzle of oil. We combine celery, tomato sauce, le olives, desalted capers and pepper.

7. When the flavors come mix, let’s add vinegar and sugar, we leave cook for a couple of minutes and, finally, we also combine the aubergines. We leave to flavor for some minute more and turn off.

8. Before serving, wait for it to cool down: the caponata is excellent at temperature environment.

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